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Workshops in English

Introducing    ART  CONNECT
 the innovative art program for children and youth

              The International Arts Centre is introducing the innovative visual art/drama program for kids - ART CONNECT -  in English.
             ART CONNECT is a ten-week program that brings together the fine and performing arts.
             Using the visual arts as a point of departure, participants will bring their ideas to life by developing and performing a short theatrical production.
             The program encourages imagination and creativity while engaging important skills such as observation, interpretation, analysis, storytelling, critical thinking, and teamwork.

             In the course of 10 weeks, the participants will attend 9 classes with Romana, have 2 museum visits with our art professional Elaine, and end the course with a short production, entirely created by them.
             Classes start the week of 15.September, info and enrollments on-line at [email protected]

             The price for this course is 700kn per participant.
             We are looking forward to seeing you there!

                                                                           Romana and Elaine