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The workshop

The Workshop



    A 5 day intensive workshop for actors, directors, filmmakers and writers. The workshop explores the Character-based Improvisation Process, a means of creating detailed, complex characters, and of making a film or play as well.


     Here’s a process that allows actors and filmmakers greater creative freedom; it empowers and liberates actors, enabling them to achieve performances that are spontaneous, immediate and truthful. In addition, the process provides a way for a director, whose eye is on the film or play that will be created through this process, to maintain a creative overview and to build on what the actor does. Both actors and filmmakers benefit from the creative partnership formed through CBI Process.

       The workshop is a practical investigation of the CBI Process. It is dynamic, informative and interactive – participants have direct, first hand experience through progressive character and scene building exercises. At the heart of the process is an improvisation-based method founded on logic and common-sense and drawing from real life. Yet every aspect of the process has equally great value for the actor or film-maker who is working with a script. The many tools within the process can be applied directly to any project they are working on.


       The workshop is intensive, experiential, the atmosphere is one of trust and great good humour and participants find themselves bonding with others in a creative, collaborative way - sometimes leading to partnerships for new projects. The creative energy released by the workshops is immense, it provides terrific empowerment and self-affirmation to all participants  – who go back to their own projects with renewed enthusiasm and plenty of new tools to play with. Every step of the workshop provides director, writer and actor with new opportunities to explore and play, to be reconnected with their skills and potential in an excitingly different way.


     The workshop also encourages the actor to work towards screen performance. Many of the exercises within the workshop are based in ‘realistic transactions’, allowing the actor to discover for themselves the scale and tone of their own acting. The actor is able to experiment in a safe environment. In addition, the scenarios the actor encounters through improvisations show how the unexpected is a creative tool for the actor, taking them away from any predictability in their performance choices.

The profound rewards of the creative act.


    Character-based Improvisation is a way of working that not only enshrines the creative satisfaction of filmmaking, but builds the organisational apparatus around it. And what I do through the workshop is to demonstrate how every step in the process is a creative tool in its own right, enabling director and actor to work, each in their own way, without collision with the other. And they can do this, (no matter what the project), with confidence and control – and have a great deal of artistic satisfaction while doing it.


Robert Marchand