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Master Maroje Abridged

The International Arts Centre, Zagreb presents a hilarious renaissance comedy “Master Maroje, Abridged”, a story of love and faithfulness, jealousy and greed, lust and money.

Master Maroje gives his son five thousand ducats and sends him off to Florence to buy fabrics. But his son Maro is a young man, and he goes to Rome where he spends all the money on women and fine clothes. After three years his father comes to Rome looking for him and trying to salvage some of the money.  Of course, things don’t go as planned…

 Come see why you should never give lots of money to a young man, your son for example, ‘cause young men are green and follow the flies…..

Spend an evening in a relaxed atmosphere, at the highest point in Zagreb, with a  glass of wine while you are being entertained by our fine actors, “The Pomet Company”.

“Master Maroje, Abridged” is a comedy play adapted from the “Dundo Maroje” ,one of the most significant works of Croatian literature written by the most prominent Croatian renaissance dramatist Marin Držić, translated to English by Naum Panovski and Roland Reed, and adapted for the Zagreb Eye production by Romana Petrusic.

Directed by Lawrence Kiiru and starring Marko Cindric as Pomet,  Ivana Zanjko as Petrunjela, and Šiško Horvat as Maroje,  “Master Maroje, Abridged” is sure to entertain you and make your stay in Zagreb an unforgettable experience.

This interactive show is a new take on the old classic and only one of its kind in Croatia.

Preview 16.May 2014, opening night 17.May, reprise 21.May, then every Wednesday until the end of October. Please check the schedule at

Suitable for everyone 9 years of age and over.

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